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Are you fond of making refrigerator magnets and using craft magnets? Do you need some things that use magnets to keep them steady and stable in one place? If your answer is yes, then we can definitely help you with that!

Magnets are materials that produce a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible but is responsible for the most notable property of a magnet: a force that pulls on other ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, and attracts or repels other magnets. However, not all magnets available in the market today are constructed with such power to hold heavy objects.

Powerful Magnets by 3P Company are one of a kind. They can hold more than any other magnet there size. These neodymium magnets with unparalleled strength, which is made possible due to a complex and delicate arrangement of their atomic molecular structure. The process to produce this state-of-the-art product is no less complex or delicate. What is very interesting is that neodymium alone as a pure element is not magnetic at all.  It is only when properly combined with other elements, iron and boron, does it take on the property of being the world’s strongest permanent magnet material.

3P Company provides powerful magnets, craft magnets, refrigerator door magnets, Power Bar magnets, Power Dot Magnets and Power Rings, which are neodymium magnets, or rare earth magnets. We provide extremely powerful permanent magnets of the highest quality made of neodymium rare earth alloy.

Neodymium magnets are nickel plated for long lasting protection. This nickel coating is durable, but neodymium magnets are fragile and can chip or shatter. Never try smashing them together from some distance.  With proper care, these magnets will last a lifetime. This is a material that will not lose magnetic pull force over time.

So for any object that you would like to stick into one place; such as a bottle opener, refrigerator door magnets and craft magnets 3P’s powerful magnets are the answer. We have the magnets that can hold them secure, FOREVER!

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Tail-gating Party Bottle Opener with Neodymium Magnets


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Magnetic Bottle Opener with Neodymium Magnets from 3P Company

Magnetic Bottle Opener Front White Opener many caps white

Magnetic Bottle Opener with Neodymium Magnets by 3P Company

The 3P Company magnets all have many uses. The Power Rings have been used for many different applications and one of the most popular is this Magnetic Bottle Opener. We are making available the completed project, but this is one of many little projects you could do yourself using the Power Rings for the Neodymium Magnets.

We use four of the Power Rings for this project. Select Solid Red Oak wood is used as the base.
4 inch by 1 inch by 8 inch are the dimensions of our opener.

Drill two holes into the back of the Red Oak wood, one in each top corner, but not all the way though. The holes need to be large enough to hold a Power Ring magnet, one in each hole.

Drill two more holes into the back of the wood, at the bottom and close to the center. These holes do not go all the way through either. Again, the holes need to be large enough to hold a Power Ring magnet in each hole.

We then place a Power Ring magnet in each hole and fill each hole with a polymer. This is a two part resin and hardener that will secure the magnets in place. We also cover the entire back of the solid Red Oak with the polymer. This provides a durable, yet scratch resistant surface. Each Power Ring provides over 25 lbs. of Pull Force so the Opener is held securely in place on any surface that is attracted to a magnet. Most common places are the refrigerator, pick-up truck or SUV, and a metal cooler. Great for tail-gate parties.

Shape and finish the front of the red oak wood. We bevel the top and bottom 45 degrees and lightly round the sides before we apply the same polymer to the front of the opener. This provides a nice glossy finish that will hold up with the heavy use expected.

Screw the surface opener to the front and top of the finished Red Oak and you are done.

These are great gifts and are quite novel now. Don’t forget Father’s Day as these are well received and well used by Fathers!

Magnetic Bottle Opener with Neodymium Magnets, Power Rings, by 3P Company

This is the back of the solid red oak magnetic bottle opener with the Power Ring neodymium magnets in place and covered with a polymer. These magnets hold firm to any surface that is attracted to magnets.
Ours is normally on the refrigerator but it is taken with us for any tail-gate party and attaches to the pick-up or SUV. Always a hit.

Opener Pick-up TruckOpener Pick-up 2

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5 Power Rings | 3/4 Inch Diameter with 3/8 Inch Hole that is 3/8 Inch Thick

When you first receive these Power Rings, they will be in a stack with a plastic spacer in between each of the Power Rings. It is hard enough separating them with the plastic spacer, but if you allow them to stack against each other without the spacer, it is almost impossible to separate them with just your fingers. With the spacers in between the Power Rings you can separate them by sliding one of the Power Rings side ways off the stack. You need strength to do this. If you don’t have the finger strength to do this, you can put the stack at the edge of a table with one Power Ring over the edge. One hand on the stack on the table and the other on the one Power Ring you want to separate from the stack and push down with your weight. The stack remains on the table as the one Power Ring will separate off the edge of the table.

To return the separated Power Ring to the stack, hold the stack with a spacer covering the end of the stack and then bring the separated Power Ring to the spacer using your fingers to slow the contact as much as possible. You do NOT want them slamming into each other even with the spacer. All neodymium magnets are brittle and can break or shatter if you let them slam into each other. They are coated with a three layer Nickel – Copper – Nickel plating to give some protection but they will chip the coating if slammed together.

These Power Rings are NOT like the ceramic magnets we played with as kids. They are over 10 times stronger. They can pinch your fingers if you are not careful. Keep in mind that over 25 lbs. pull force means that two magnets with north pole facing south pole will have over 50 lbs. pull force and if your finger is in between them….OUCH!!!! These are NOT for children.

There are a ton of uses you can apply these powerful ring magnets to. Here is one just for fun:

five pole
A dowel of 3/8 inch diameter is put into a wood base to hold it upright. Slide the power rings down the dowel with the north pole of the first magnet point up and the second magnet pointing down, the third magnet the north pole is pointing up again and so on.
The magnetic strength of these power rings is so strong that they repel each other by several inches. Now compress the magnets closer together and then let go. They will shoot up and if you compress them too much they will shoot right off the dowel. If they stay on the dowel they will oscillate up and down on the dowel until they come back to rest just inches apart from each other.


five pole

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Does Time Slow Down With Powerful Neodymium Magnets?

Spending time with kids and showing them things that are new and interesting is always intriguing for both the adult and the kids.  Such is the case with this story.

Kids have a sense of time that is different from that of an adult.  Just a few seconds can seem like a long, long time to a kid.  But when an event is expected to take just a second but takes several seconds, it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or an adult, time seems to slow down.

This is what is pointed out by this grandson when he was shown the interesting phenomenon when a powerful magnet is dropped through a copper pipe.  The grandson was shown first that the copper pipe is not attracted magnetically to the powerful magnets.  Then they were held next to the pipe and dropped.  It took just a split second for the magnets to fall the length of pipe as expected.  Then things took a turn for the unexpected.

This time the neodymium magnets were dropped inside the copper pipe.  But it took several long seconds for them to make it through the pipe and out the bottom.  The grandson’s eyes widened and he asked “Do powerful magnets make time slow down?”. 

This intriguing question makes one realize that is just how this phenomenon appears.  Could time slow down just inside the pipe?  That is the reasoning that came to his mind.

Although it does take much longer for the magnets to fall through the copper pipe it has nothing to due with slowing down time.  It just seems like it.  It really has to due with Lenz’s Law.

The powerful neodymium magnets falling through the pipe cause an induced current in the copper pipe.  Copper, being an excellent conductor of electric current, induces the current from the moving magnetic field from the powerful neodymium magnets.  This induced current set up an electromagnetic field of it’s own with the opposite polarity of the permanent magnets resulting in a braking or slowing down of the magnets travel through the pipe.

We have not slowed down time but we have widened the eyes for those that see this intriguing phenomenon of Lenz’s Law using powerful neodymium magnets. 

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Photo Fridge Magnet Craft Video

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Fridge Magnet Craft Using Foreign Coins (Video 1:00)

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Braking Coins Using Lenz’s Law – Magnet Experiment

Powerful Magnets by 3P – Magnet Experiment! from Powerful Magnets by 3p on Vimeo.

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Pyrolytic Graphite Levitation


15 Power Bar Neodymium magnets, set so each bar alternates north pole, south pole on all sides.  The Pyrolytic Graphite square is levitating over the Power Bars perfectly.

Pyrolytic graphite has the property that it is the most diamagnetic substance having a diamagnetic constant of 450 x 10-6 as compared to bismuth with the second highest constant of 170 x 10-6. A diamagnetic substance repels all magnetic fields and pyrolytic graphite is also light enough that it will float over a strong magnetic field.

Pyrolytic graphite is a synthetic material made by chemical vapor deposition, Methane gas at low temperature is heated to 2000 degrees Celsius. Layer upon layer is deposited at a rate of 1/1000″ per hour. The layers of carbon atoms form crystals of hexagonal sheets. Neodymium, (NdFeB), magnets will not loose their strength if they are not heated and pyrolytic graphite is an extremely stable and inert substance. This means that the pyrolytic graphite will levitate forever. This is sort of perpetual non-motion. This perfect state of balance is truly inspiring to see.  Or you can very easily slide the pyrolytic graphite over the magnets without friction.


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Powerful Magnets by 3P – Bottle Cap Photo Fridge Magnet Craft (Video)

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